I’m Ann Marie van den Hurk and I wear the Well Worn Apron a couple of times a day to prepare meals for my family. I’ve always loved food and travel. Even as a young girl, I was always up for an adventure. My Mom loved to cook when I was young, so our house was always filled with great food and people. Mom was a great role model in the kitchen. My parents loved to eat out and travel. I was a very lucky kid growing up in the 1970s and 80s.

My journey in cooking began in high school when I realized I loved to bake and could do it well. I even received the Chef’s Award in my home economics class Senior year. It continued when I went to university where I had a student flat with roommates from all over the world exposing me to new foods and cultures.  I learned about new ways of cooking and ingredients.

Regardless of how much my profession has kept me busy, I always made time to cook and travel. I’m the happiest when I’m either shopping for ingredients or cooking in my kitchen. As an entrepreneur, I make time to cook for my family. Food is important to me. Healthy food. Simple food made from good ingredients.

After years of my family urging me to start a food blog to share with the world, I finally did. That was in June 2011. My biggest readers of the blog were my mom, sister-in-law, and my sister for the longest time; however, things have changed. My circle of readers has expanded to include fellow foodies from around the world. When I look back at the first posts, I cringe. That’s OK. Well Worn Apron has evolved and will continue to evolve as I have a person and cook.

I’ve continued to cook, eat, and travel my way through life. Well Worn Apron blog is my passion and I’m happy to share my journey with you.

– Ann Marie

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