I heart Wasa Crispbread.

I do. Really. I always have crispbread on hand. My favorite brand in the US is Wasa Crispbread. It is my go-to breakfast. I often have it for lunch. And it is not just because the regular bread is stale. I actually like the taste of it.

Bad Rap


Crispbread has gotten a bad rap. You know like it is healthy hippie food. I have a feeling you are thinking it is tasteless cardboard. It is bland. And very crunchy. In fact, it has nice flavors. Crispbread is a great base for toppings. Wasa Crispbread has a bunch of different flavors. I usually purchase the “Hearty”, which is a multigrain type. What I like about it is that I can having a filling and quick breakfast. Two crackers is 100 calories. Depending on toppings you can have a good breakfast or lunch for that matter for less than 300 calories.



tomato avocado


What do I put on my crispbread? I keep it simple. Usually it is a good quality cheddar cheese, tomatoes, veggie cream cheese, Laughing Cow spreadable Swiss cheese, smoked salmon, and/or cucumbers. I use avocado instead of butter for added health benefits. Add some Kosher salt and a twist of the pepper grinder for added flavor.

Grab a package of crispbread and try it out. Try different toppings and find what works for your taste buds.


crispbread tomato cucumbers vegetable cream cheese


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