We all have those places. Places where we go and we just feel at home. The Highway Diner is my comfort place. It is Cheers without the beer. It is where everybody knows your name and your order depending on what time of day you come in.

The Highway Diner hasn’t always been there, but it feels that way. It gives the authentic diner experience. An experience from the golden age of the diner. It is part of Americana. Hearty breakfast is served all day long. Coffee is always flowing. And the cakes are mile-high.  

We go there at all times of day, but mostly on weekend mornings for breakfast. It is a great way to start your day. And the breakfast fills up me for the whole day. I usually order an omelet with homefries (the homefries are the BEST) or the U-Turn breakfast (right.)

Sometimes after school, we shoot over there for snack. Any of their cakes are good choices with ice cream or a basket of fries with a Coke.

While the food is great, the people are great there. They make it special. And keep us coming back more than we usually would.

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