Veggie Burger Debate

Veggie Burger Debate

Are ‘Plant-Based’ Veggie Burgers Healthy?


That’s an excellent question posed regarding the humble veggie burger in a recent story on Forks Over Knives blog. And a conversation my guys and I were having recently. As more and more people move towards plant-based eating, meat-like veggie burgers are coming to market.

My guys really enjoy their burgers. And they prefer it be beef. I, on the other hand, I enjoy veggie. Since I do most of the cooking, guess which type of burger is served. Yup, the veggie burger. While my husband likes the different types of homemade veggie burgers, my son isn’t a fan and requested that I get “Beyond Burger.” It looks, smells, and tastes like a meat burger.

That’s where two questions came up during our dinner as my guys ate the “Beyond Burger” and me a veggie burger: what are these burgers made of that makes them like a beef burger, and are they healthy? After googling, the ingredients for these ‘plant-based burgers are interesting. They are a combination of pea protein, oils, and flavorings. Kinda not appealing to me as they seem rather Frankenstein-ish. And are they healthy? Well, that’s debatable. There is a bit of saturated fat and sodium. Just because it is vegan or vegetarian doesn’t make it automatically healthy. 

For me, I will pass on these types of “fake” meat. if I’m honest, I never was a fan of the taste, smell, and texture of meat, so these sorts of products aren’t for me. That said, these products are suitable for folks moving towards plant-based eating. And those who still want that beef burger sensation without eating an animal. As you transition to plant-based eating, you’ll find that moving away from wanting meat-like foods. At least, that’s what is happening with me. 

I rather make my own burgers. I love the wonderful combinations of flavors and textures. The recipes I’m sharing below aren’t your cardboard veggie patties from a decade ago. Instead, they are moist and flavorful. I encourage you to try any of the recipes, and let me know what you think. 

Veggie Burger Recipes



When it comes to veggie burgers, I love Mary McCarthy‘s recipes. Her black bean veggie burger with an addictive 1000 Island Dressing will have you craving it. Or her smoky dogs served with caramelized onions which can be formed either in a shape of a hot dog or burger. A chickpea burger made with harissa from Real Simple magazine is my new go-to veggie burger.

All of these recipes have bursts of favorites and textures. You will not miss the meat in these burgers. All are made with simple ingredients and are easy to make. You can top your burger with some homemade pickled red onion or dill pickles.

Black Bean Burgers

Smoky Dogs

Chickpea Veggie Burgers


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