Tea for Health

Tea for Health

Tea for health has come recently to me. I have always drank tea for sheer pleasure. I drink it cold, warm, and hot. You could say I bleed tea. There is a ritual of drinking tea then drinking it. Tea is to be sipped and I can never be negative while I have a cup of tea in my hand. In my cupboard is a tea tin where I have different types of tea. It is quite a selection of green and herbal teas. My electric kettle is always ready to click on for a cuppa.

A gift of handcrafted herbal teas.

People have drank tea for centuries. It is known as a cure all for the maladies of life. That includes for health. When a dear friend sent me such a thoughtful gift of a selection of handcrafted herbal teas from Longeviteas, I was intrigued. The teas were developed by Dr. Jessica Cail, a research psychopharmacologist specializing in mind-body medicine. The blends were created on scientific evidence with each formulation containing phytochemicals which are chemicals naturally found in plants that were selected because the peer-reviewed research showed a demonstrable link between them and particular effects. So this isn’t some new agey chick throwing a bunch of herbs together and calling it a miracle tea that we tend to see in the wellness space today.

Tea for Health

My sample pack contained four herbal blends: Original, Vitality, Tranquility, and Immunity. The formulas chosen because the research shows a strong link between them and a particular effect such as longevity, mental functioning, relaxation, or defense against colds/flu. Dr. Jesse’s blends contains herbs or spices which are anti-inflammatory and/or mildly diuretic. Three of the four have caffeine. As someone with an auto-immune disease and all that comes with it, I was all in for the teas when I read about the anti-inflammatory effects of tea. After years of prolonged high dosages of prescription anti-inflammatory medicines, I can’t take them due to affects on my kidneys so I am always looking for a natural way to manage my inflammation. That said on December 10, 2020, I decided to change how and what I ate moving to plant-based eating. It has changed my health of the better. Adding Logeviteas I believed has really helped… especially my digestive health. My recent lab results are proof the lifestyle change is making a difference.

A feast for the senses



The teas are a feast for the senses. It is loose leaf so you can see the natural beauty of the plants. As you scoop the tea out, the texture is rich. The smell of the blends is intoxicating. The taste of each blend is complex with its own character. My favorite is the Immunity tea which is a spicy rosewater chai with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black tea. I drink it daily in the morning then in the afternoon I switch over to the Tranquility blend that is caffeine-free made with valerian, eleuthero, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile and lavender.

So put the kettle on and blend some tea for health.

Disclaimer: Folks, I’m not a doctor nor pretend to know the science behind it. All I know is it tastes good and I feel better. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding taking herbal anything for drug interactions. 


Cream Tea

Cream Tea

I was sitting outside on the front porch this afternoon absorbing some late afternoon sun when the thought popped into my head that I had a carton of unopened whipping cream in the fridge and no real use for it. Don’t ask me how my mind works… It works in strange ways. 
It would be a shame to let whipping cream go to waste, right? So I thought why not have a cream tea, which is usually tea, scones, jam, and clotted cream. A step below so to speak of high tea, but just a tasty.
It was Sunday after all. A day of treats in my mind. And cooking/baking is my way to relax. 
I had everything I needed in my kitchen. I didn’t make scones, but biscuits from Bisquick baking mix. From start to finish it only took 20 minutes. They worked out well as a substitute for traditional scones. Not as sweet. 
We sat down for an afternoon tea as a family slicing our biscuits, smearing jam, and loading them up with cream while sipping tea with milk and sugar from proper China cups. 
Fall makes you wanna cook (insert food here)…

Fall makes you wanna cook (insert food here)…

Fall makes me wanna cook soup. Yup, that’s the food I’d fill the blank with.

I have to admit it and without shame that I am a cold weather person. I relish in wearing sweaters, lighting fires, and cooking warm hearty food.

I love soup. It is one of the most perfect meals. Quick. Easy. And nourishes both the stomach and the soul. Nothing soothes better than a steaming hot bowl of soup. Soup forces you slow down and just enjoy the moment. Like having a cup of tea.

The largest section in my recipe binder is for soups (then comes desserts close behind it.) I’ve got many favorite soups. In fact, too many to mention: spicy sausage with ravioli (pictured above), potato leek, cheddar cauliflower, or spicy black bean. During the cold weather months, I try to keep ingredients handy such as broth, sausages, pastas, and beans.

So when the weather turns cool, what is your favorite food to cook?

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