Grilled Steak and Potatoes with Snap Pea Salsa

Grilled Steak and Potatoes with Snap Pea Salsa

What’s for dinner tonight: Grilled Steak and Potatoes with Snap Pea Salsa

Grilled Steak and Potatoes with Snap Pea Salsa that’s what.

I’ve had my Real Simple magazine open to that recipe for more than a week now. I finally gathered all the ingredients I needed to make it. The ingredient list is fairly simple using fresh ingredients: NY Strip Steak, fingering potatoes (or in my case baby red potatoes), snap peas, fresh mint, fresh parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt/pepper. Lucky for me my herb garden is doing very well allowing me to snip the mint and parsley making the snap pea salsa really fresh.

This dish is very simple to make.

In fact, it is a 30-minute meal from start to finish making it a good weeknight meal. And let’s be honest, who wants to spent hours in the kitchen preparing the nightly meal? Even though I run my own business in my home, I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing quality meals for my guys.

Add to that it is summertime and very hot. The steak and potatoes are done on the grill keeping the kitchen nice and cool. Yeah for the electric bill.

As the potatoes and steak are on the grill, you can make the snap pea salsa. The hardest part of this is slicing the snap peas thinly. The snap pea salsa adds a freshness to the potatoes and steak.

Remember to turn the potatoes a couple of times on the grill to make sure they don’t burn. And don’t overdo the steak. It really should be pink in the middle unlike my photo.

While I liked the whole meal, my guys weren’t thrilled with snap pea salsa. That said I’d make it again.


Football and Steak – Dinner in Richmond Virginia at Xtra’s Cafe

Football and Steak – Dinner in Richmond Virginia at Xtra’s Cafe

I was reading the Washington Post online Friday night when the special section on the Washington Redskins training camp caught my eye. It mentioned the training camp was in Richmond, VA and after visiting the Redskin’s website, I found out the training camp was open to the public on Saturday afternoon. Now we like football in this house. We’re Redskins fans, too. Couldn’t pass this up.

Of course, we need to eat when visiting the Redskins training camp and honestly hot dogs wasn’t going to do it. For me anyway. Richmond has a rich food scene going on so it was hard to pick a place to eat. Using my favorite food apps, Foodspotting and OpenTable, we picked a place, Xtra’s Cafe based on the reviews, menu, location near the training camp, mid-range dinner prices, and kids menu. I booked using OpenTable which makes reserving a table so easy.

After enjoying the Redskins training camp, we headed over to the Carytown neighborhood of Richmond. It is a pretty hip and trendy section. It had two cupcake shops and two yogurt places so that says it all. And I’m sure the PBL was served like water. Anyhow I regress.

After watching some football, I was ready to eat a manly meal. Ok so I’ve got to say this here, but why is meat associated with men? I mean I’m very much a woman and I enjoy a good piece of meat. And so do my female friends. Again, I regress.

We climbed the stairs to Xtra’s Cafe hot, thirsty, and hungry. We walked into a place with very chic decor, but yet it still was very comfortable. They had a nice balcony which would be good in cooler temps; we chose to stay in the air conditioning. The staff was very attentive and helpful.

I ordered the petite filet which was finished with a Stella Artois cheese fondue served with a fennel potato au gratin and sautéed broccolini. It was delicious. The filet was cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth. The sides complimented the filet well. I thought the price of $24 was fair for the quality.

I skipped a starter so I could have dessert. And I was not disappointed with my choice to go for dessert. I had the almond tiramisu. Amazing. So light. So flavorful. Balanced perfectly with the main course.

After dinner we strolled through Carytown. We’ll be back.

And “Hail Yeah!”

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