Fall makes you wanna cook (insert food here)…

Fall makes you wanna cook (insert food here)…

Fall makes me wanna cook soup. Yup, that’s the food I’d fill the blank with.

I have to admit it and without shame that I am a cold weather person. I relish in wearing sweaters, lighting fires, and cooking warm hearty food.

I love soup. It is one of the most perfect meals. Quick. Easy. And nourishes both the stomach and the soul. Nothing soothes better than a steaming hot bowl of soup. Soup forces you slow down and just enjoy the moment. Like having a cup of tea.

The largest section in my recipe binder is for soups (then comes desserts close behind it.) I’ve got many favorite soups. In fact, too many to mention: spicy sausage with ravioli (pictured above), potato leek, cheddar cauliflower, or spicy black bean. During the cold weather months, I try to keep ingredients handy such as broth, sausages, pastas, and beans.

So when the weather turns cool, what is your favorite food to cook?

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