Currently my house smells like croissants and strong black coffee. I thinks that’s a pretty darn good way to start off a Sunday. Sunday morning breakfast traditionally for is us is one of having treats… yummy treats. And croissants definitely fit the bill. 

While I’m a better good baker, I haven’t been successful in making croissants or any bread for that matter. We’ve gotten into the habit of getting “fresh” croissant from Wal-Mart or Harris Tweeter. There are OK, but let’s face it nothing really beats fresh out of the oven. 
I got really excited when I was at Trader Joe’s recently (which by the way is one of my favorite grocery stores) and I can across these. I couldn’t pass them up. So I picked up a package of  Mini Croissants and Chocolate Croissants. You can rarely go wrong with any Trader Joe’s product. 

The directions seem simple enough. 

The one drawback is you have to think ahead. The croissants need to proof overnight so if you can remember to take them then you’ll have fresh croissant in the morning. You just take them out of the package placing on a buttered baking sheet uncovered overnight. 
This is what they look like in the morning before baking. They’ve grown quiet a bit. I actually was surprised. It worked. 

For a bakery finish, use an egg wash right before baking.

After 20 minutes of baking at 350F, this is the result… beautiful flavorful, buttery, flaky croissants!
I will definitely stocking my freezer with these gems! Now only if Trader Joe’s wasn’t over an hour drive away one-way…

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