Christmas Eve Lunch at a Coquette Brasserie

Christmas Eve Lunch at a Coquette Brasserie

We gathered at Raleigh’s Coquette Brasserie for a family Christmas Eve lunch. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, but just never had a chance.

I started my meal with ‘Plat Charcuterie & Fromage.’ It was wonderful. Fresh local cheeses paired with cured and fresh sausages was amazing.  I wasn’t thrilled with the terrine, but loved the cornichons, honey, compote, and mustard.

Moved onto the main course, I chose the French bistro standard of ‘Steak & Frites.’ It was hanger steak cooked perfectly. Frites were good; however, I prefer the chunkier Dutch frites and fritesaus.

Lastly I finished with Profiteroles. It was pastry puff stuffed with chocolate almond ice cream, and coconut anglaise finished off with chocolate sauce.

The atmosphere was relaxed and staff very attentive.

It was a lovely family lunch. I’d go back and go back for dinner.

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