Porch Sitting

Porch Sitting

Porch Sitting

The Tropical Storm Hermine has cleared North Carolina ushering in some glorious weather. Perfect weather for porch sitting again. The porch life has returned. And oh how I have missed you. This summer has been brutal between oppressive heat/humidity and bugs making enjoying our porch impossible.

Our porch is special to us and one of the main reasons we purchased the house. You see we live in a home built in 1904 and our porch wraps around the front.  We live in the historic district where everyone has front porches and there are sidewalks. The house was designed for lazy weather and living. It is very welcoming. We have rocking chairs and they are few things better than rocking the evening away on the front porch. We often have breakfast and lunch as well as playing afternoon board games.

Small Town Life

We can spend hours just porch sitting watching our small town life just slowly go by. Living in a small town rural town in North Carolina certainly has an unique case of characters. It really is a Tennessee William’s novel every day down to the tin roofs and the freight train running in the middle of the town whose whistle you can hear nightly. Everyone who goes by on foot or in a car waves even though we do not know each other. Front porches are designed for visiting and getting the gossip from those walking by. There is a flow to it and you get use to everyone’s patterns. And when someone is not seen in a while then they are missed. Often prompting a visit to their house to check in or inquires to the other regulars. It creates a sense of community. Something that is missing in modern day houses and communities. The front porches and the interaction that come with porch sitting.

I am sitting on the front porch typing away as I sip a treat of a Coca Cola while World War II big band music plays in the background. It is time for me to get back to rocking in my chair and doing some serious porch sitting.

Porch sitting while working


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