Breakfast Rut

Breakfast Rut

You know when you get in a food rut? You eat the same thing morning in and morning out.

Well, I’m in a breakfast rut. I love breakfast and frankly I can’t function without it. Think of coffee drinkers reaction sans coffee in the morning. Come to think of it I should be really skinny since they say folks who eat breakfast don’t eat as much during the day and are able to keep weight-loss off…

But I regress… Breakfast rut. I’m not a magazine person anymore. I just don’t make the time for leisure reading these days, but it was the holidays and I wanted some fun reading. I picked up one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple.

They had a section called 10 ideas for: easy breakfasts. I thought I’d give it a go and picked one: cottage cheese with minted pineapple.

Fairly easy and quick to prepare with just pineapple, sugar, fresh mint, cottage cheese, and pomegranate seeds. I’ve never had anything pomegranate and the jury is still out if I like the seeds or not. On the whole though, it was a nice breakfast.

Perhaps in coming weeks, I’ll sample more of the recipes.

Are you in a breakfast rut?

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