New Beginnings for Well-Worn Apron

New Beginnings for Well-Worn Apron

New Beginnings for the Well-Worn Apron Blog


New beginnings for the Well-Worn Apron blog. It has been a while since I last wrote on Well-Worn Apron. Life always seemed to get in the way. I always seemed to be too busy to write or just plain too tired. In reality, my heart and soul hasn’t been there. It hasn’t like I haven’t been cooking or traveling. I have. Lots of it.

For the past year, redoing this blog this blog has been in the back of my mind. I wanted to revitalize it. Bring it alive again. But what I really wanted to do honor is my Mom’s memory. My Mom who passed in June 2015 loved Well-Worn Apron. She wasn’t technology focused at all. In fact, she never used an ATM card to withdrawn money. Mom got an iPad only a couple of years before she passed so she could play Angry Birds with my son. She would not do much on it.

What she did do was read this blog. It was her way of connecting with me on a different level and getting a glimpse of what I do professionally as someone who does digital public relations. Mom would complain to me when we would talk that I wasn’t posting enough on Well-Worn Apron. I think if she had her way I would have written every day for this blog and potentially do this full-time as a job. Perhaps Mom’s do know what’s best for the children.

Now we come to new beginnings…

Well-Worn Apron has been brought back to life. It will be a work-in-process as re-doing an established website doesn’t happen without hiccups. I’m pleased with the direction we’re going. I would like to think that Mom would be pleased as well. And I hope you like it, too.

Maybe this journey will lead to new beginnings for me. Join me on it eat, travel, and share.

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