Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos

Fair food. Everything is fried. And fried some more. Even the dessert treats are fried. On offer at one booth was fried Oreos and fried candy bars along with the fair stand-by of funnel cake.

We opted for the funnel cake; because, when at a fair it is law of laws that you must get funnel cake with a carbonated drink. And then go on some rides that will make you feel sick or actually get sick. (We went on that ride before having funnel cake.)

Our friend Bruce got the fried Oreos. And he shared. Fried Oreos. Sounds disgusting. Kinda looks disgusting. But actually tastes surprisingly good. The taste was familiar. Couldn’t quite think of what it tasted like until our friend Arlene mentioned it tasted like pudding. She was spot on. It did taste like pudding. Very nice warm pudding.

Maybe next time, I’ll try the fried candy bars…

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