Homemade Bread: Great Way to Start a Day

Homemade Bread: Great Way to Start a Day

Start the day with Homemade Bread!

There are some smells which evokes the feeling of home. Baking bread is one of those smells. For the longest time we had a bread maker. When our last bread maker died, we didn’t replace it. We just aren’t eating as much bread as we once were. I have to admit I miss having it. We not only made bread, but we also made pizza dough with the bread maker.

This post isn’t about bread makers. It is about bread. Let’s be honest it is really hard to find good bread in the US. And when you do then it is expensive. Sometimes a small loaf is over $4.00. But we pay it because we prefer crusty bread, which isn’t sweet.

There is something about fresh-made bread especially in the morning. So one Sunday morning I got up and decided I needed to make fresh bread for breakfast. I used a recipe a friend shared with me years ago called “Doris’ Easy Crusty Bread” which is a dense Cuban-style bread. It is noted that the recipe came from Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads.

Make bread by hand can be time consuming and a workout, but it is well worth it. When I made my bread I started the process later than I would have liked. I made choice to make hard rolls in the end instead of a big loaf.

I cut rolls out with a pizza cutter and then slashed them in the middle.

Fresh out the oven, hot hard rolls for breakfast.


And the taste test… yum.

While this is a good recipe, I’m not a fan of the denseness. I like a crusty crust with an airy inside.

I’ll continue to use this recipe until I find an easy bread recipe which fits the bill.

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