White Bread was made for… Chocolate!

White Bread was made for… Chocolate!

Yes, that’s right. I just wrote white bread was made for chocolate. And for breakfast no least. It is. Really. I wouldn’t lie here. Especially about chocolate.

I was first introduced to chocolate on bread from my college roommate, Leive, from Belgium. I was repulsed at first; however, once you try it, you will be hooked.

While you could put your chocolate on wheat or brown bread, it doesn’t quite work in my opinion. It is something about white bread. It compliments the chocolate.

You can put on your bread Nutella (chocolate hazelnut) spread, “Vlokken” (flakes) or “Hagel”(sprinkles). Various options such as pure, milk, or white chocolate. I like them all.

So this morning I felt like white bread and “Vlokken.” And it was so very satisfying! Yum!

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