I travel on my stomach. I really do. I can recall meals I’ve had quickier than the sights I’ve seen. And I take lots of photos of my food (as you can see below.) My goal when I travel is to eat local as possible. No McDonalds or other American restaurants are allowed when traveling in Europe. I visit local restaurants and sample the fare. To be honest, many times I have no clue what I’ve picked until it arrives in front of me. And that’s OK. It is part of the adventure of travel or life for that matter.
Food can tell you a lot about the region or country you are in.  Not only will you get a great meal made with the freshest ingredients, but you can connect with locals learning new things to make your holiday more authentic and, maybe, making new friends along the way.
So when you travel, try to eat local.


Photos to make your mouth water… some of my favorite Dutch foods.


Traveling On My Stomach – Dutch Food


This post was originally posted on Ann-Sense on August 26, 2010.

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