Poached Cod with Tomatoes and Beans

Poached Cod with Tomatoes and Beans makes me think of the coast of France. Perhaps a cafe on the beach in Normandy. This is the perfect dish for gray skies and a rough sea. Or in my case a summer evening inland on the flatlands of eastern North Carolina. Anywhere you prepare this dish, it will be good.

It is a healthy, simple, and quick dinner that looks like you slaved over the stove for hours. You could even serve this dish to company to rave reviews. And I have.

Simple ingredients make for a clean rich flavor. The ingredient list is short and easy to find which is always helpful depending on where you live and how busy you are.


Serves 4. Takes about 45 mins to cook so it give time to check Facebook and Instagram. At about 400 calories, your waistline and heart will thank you.

Olive Oil
1 Red pepper, chopped to your liking, but I do chunky making it more rustic
1 Onion, chopped
1 Yellow squash, chopped and pick a large one
3 Tomatoes, chopped
2/3 teaspoon salt, I use kosher
1/4 teaspoon pepper, I never measure pepper, but a few good turns of the grinder should do
1 can cannellini beans, wash and drained
4 cod fillets
Parsley, chopped


Heat oil in a large Dutch oven then add the red pepper and onion over medium heat. Cook until they are soft then add the squash and tomatoes with salt and pepper. Cook until tomatoes have broken down and squash has softened stirring a few times. Add the beans stir until mixed. Place the cod fillets on top of the mixture. Turn down heat to simmer covering and letting cook until the fish is flaky. Sprinkle with parsley.

Add buttered toast if you want. Being able to pile the bean mixture on the toast is very yummy and satisfying. Serve with a fork or a spoon.

There you have it. Poached Cod with Tomatoes and Beans. A little taste of France in 45 minutes.

This recipe was adapted from Real Simple.




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