Impressive, isn’t it? It is a lot easier than you are imaging. Pizza on the grill is just plain wonderful. It has the best pizzerias beat. Hands down. Once you start, you won’t go back to frozen pizza or delivery pizza. 
We started making our own pizza on the grill the summer of 2008 after we got a  gas grill. We had just moved to Lexington, Kentucky, and hadn’t really found a good pizza place yet we craving good thin crusty pizza. We decided well if we can buy then let’s do it ourselves. As our guide we used Pizza on the Grill: 100 Feisty Fire-Roasted Recipes for Pizza & More. I did the all the prep work and Jeroen did the grilling.  
Recently we’ve gotten back into making pizza on the grill after about three years. And we’re back hooked.
Making pizza on the grill is simple, but there are some tips to make it successful:
The Dough. It is the foundation. Best is to make your own dough. I’ve found Trader Joe’s dough to be the best store-brought. This is when I miss having my bread maker to make my own dough. 
The Sauce. Again, making your own is ideal. I use crushed tomatoes with some garlic, salt, and pepper. Keeping it simple.
The Toppings. I use fresh Mozzarella cheese and add fresh veg or sausage from there.
The Grill. The temperature of the grill is key. Too hot and the crust will burn. This is where you know your grill and follow the directions in the cookbook to the letter regarding temperature settings and timing. Remember to oil the grill and the dough well. 
And now for some photos of the pizza making process… 

What’s your favorite pizza?

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