Sweet smells waft through the air from Dutch kitchens. While “nasi” or Indonesian-Chinese fried rice and “gehaktballen” or meatballs are considered a staple of Dutch families, “pannenkoeken” and “poffertjes” are often considered the ultimate comfort food. Both are simple and quick to make: flour, salt, milk, and egg.

“Pannenkoeken” or pancakes are cross between American pancakes and French crepes. They are a main meal and can be sweet or savory. Pannenkoeken are very large about 12 inches in diameter. They can be served simply with powdered sugar and an thick syrup called “stroop” or with cheese or meat such as ham or bacon. Pannenkoeken can, also, be flavored with Bami or Indonesian seasoning. There are two ways to eat them either flat or rolled up. Doesn’t matter, because they are delish!

“Poffertjes” or yeast-based mini-pancakes are quite a treat. They are considered a dessert. Typically, they are served with a pad of melted butter and powdered sugar. For more of an elaborate treat, they can be flavored with liqueurs or topped with fruit and fresh whipped cream. Poffertjes are best eaten fresh out of the pan allowing the butter to drench the powdered sugar. Highly suggested to enjoy with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while sitting at an outdoor cafe watching the world go by.

Below are the special large-scale pans used to make poffertjes.

Nothing better then visiting a pannenkoeken huis and enjoying a wide selection of pannenkoeken freshly made. Or sitting at a terrance trying not to wear the powdered sugar on the poffertjes.

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