Going Vegetarian. Again.


Going vegetarian. Do not worry this isn’t going to be a preachy post about the benefits of going vegetarian. After about twenty years, I am returning to being a vegetarian. The last couple of years have been tough health-wise. On a daily basis, I take nine pills. Yes, nine pills. I’m not proud to type that, but it is true. For years, I have put myself last in terms of my health. Being an entrepreneur, wife, and mom has given me an excuse not to look out for myself. And that’s what it is an excuse. It is easier to focus on everyone else, but me.

Doctor gave two options


My doctor and I had a coming to Jesus moment when she told me I needed to focus on me. Period. That’s what I have been doing these past months. I have been taking responsibility for my own health. I battle two chronic diseases that aren’t curable, but manageable. If I take care of myself. During the move into our new/old house, I damaged my back by being stupid and causing three bulging discs. I have high blood pressure.  And what the turning point for me is when my doctor told me I have high cholesterol in June. She gave two options: taking another pill or going vegetarian. I do not want to take anymore medicines. In fact, I want to get off medicines. I choose going vegetarian.

Going Vegetarian Being vegetarian forces you to think harder about food


Going back to being a vegetarian has caused to me expand my cooking horizons. I have always cooked a diverse array of meals and many were vegetarian, but being vegetarian full time forces you to think harder about your meals. Meat I’m finding was an easy way out for meals. Meat, veg, and starch. Yup. There’s dinner. Cooking vegetarian or fish dishes has forced me to be more creative with food. I have become more aware of textures and flavors. The sensation of eating. That’s a good thing.

Surrounded by meat lovers


My guys aren’t vegetarians and love their meat. Like really love their meat. This has been an adjustment for them at dinnertime. They have been supportive and adventurous. Why it is working is that I don’t restrict what they eat during the day, just at dinnertime. It is just easier that way I’m finding. I think think they are coming around to meatless dinners.

So how do I feel?

Great! In the process of going vegetarian and it is a process, I have focused more on fresh ingredients, fish, and organic products when we can afford it than ever before. It has pretty much rid our diets of processed foods when we eat at home for three meals a day. My intake of refined sugars has been reduced by 90% as well as bread products.

Going vegetarian has made a huge impact on my health. I am feeling so much better. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have very little inflammation in my joints since not eating meat and processed foods. I am sleeping better and moving better. My mood is lighter and happier. Changing my diet with adding exercise has really made an difference.

Only after two months, I can feel it. I am actually looking forward to seeing the numbers in September for my follow-up visit with my doctor.

Tell me how lifestyle modifications have changed your life in the comments.

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