Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Chocolate Bar

New find for the sweet tooth: Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Chocolate Bar. My tastes must be changing, but my sweet tooth must be shrinking. I haven’t been craving sweets. We went to Chicago for a weekend recently and I passed up dessert at every meal. So not like me. I do enjoy my desserts when I’m out. That said after dinner, I do enjoy a bit of chocolate. I’m always looking to try new combinations of chocolate. I walked over to my local Walgreens to buy batteries for my kitchen timer and came across Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Chocolate Bar. I do enjoy cherry, almond, and dark chocolate so why wouldn’t they taste good together? Yum. They taste amazing together. What a great combo of flavors!

I look forward to enjoying a piece after dinner as my treat. What’s your favorite after dinner sweet treat?

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