Fresh Figs

I am new to this whole love of fresh figs. Growing up figs were in Fig Newtons and were not fresh. Honestly I do not think I saw a fresh fig until five years ago while at my friends’ water house on the Chesapeake Bay where they had a fig tree. The fig tree was named, “Miss Figgy.” She was a lovely big tree full of figs. Sandy and I would walk out there in the mornings and pick figs right off the tree. The figs never made it to the kitchen, but instead were eaten on the short walk back. Special moments spent with a dear friend.

Fresh figs on tree

I realized living in a rural southern town that fig trees were all around me. Come August, trees would be weighted down with figs. I also realized that I did not own a fig tree. Lucky for me, a neighbor has a very old fig tree which produces in abundance. I would take my little basket and wander over to her back yard picking the figs right from the tree. Only taking enough to enjoy in my morning yogurt.

As I have aged and expanded my circle of friends, I have been exposed to new foods. Or shall I say I have become open to trying new foods. Twenty years ago, I would have never thought to try fresh figs. They would have seemed too exotic. So glad I am open now.

I keep it simple when it comes to my fresh figs. While I have some wonderful recipes, I usually just eat them two ways. The first way is straight off the tree into my mouth. The second way is nonfat plain yogurt with local honey and sliced almonds for a healthy and satisfying breakfast.

Figs in Yogurt

What do you like to make with fresh figs? Do tell!


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