I’m all about appliances that have multiple uses. My kitchen isn’t big, and storage is at a premium, so everything I have needs to be practical and versatile. As I moved towards plant-based, I found myself changing the kitchen tools I depend on to make meals. So here are some of my must-haves as my essential vegan kitchen tools:

  1. Strainers – I use my strainers daily to drain and rinse canned beans and rice.  
  2. Tofu Press – a tofu press makes getting the water out of tofu blocks easy. No more wrapping it in paper towels and putting a Dutch oven on it, hoping it doesn’t fall over or smush it. The press is compact and fits nicely in the fridge. 
  3. Salad Spinner – I love my salad spinner. I use it for salad and other greens, but I use it to clean leeks. 
  4. Rice Container Bin – I never thought I’d like a container so much, but this rice container with a pour spout and measuring cup is excellent. I plan to purchase a couple for lentils and other grains. 
  5. Calphalon Elite Nonstick Essential Saute Pan – This is my everyday pan. I cook with this pan every day. It is well worth the cost as it is functional and nonstick. 
  6. Rice Cooker – For the longest time, I resisted even thinking about rice cookers thinking they were a waste of money and space. We ate a lot of rice. When researching rice cookers, I wanted a cooker that could do more than make rice. The Zojirushi allows me to make different types of rice, grains, and oatmeal. My son likes rice, so the rice warmer function is excellent that I can make a big batch, and he can serve himself whenever he wants. It is worth the investment as we use it at least five times weekly. 
  7. Slow Cooker – A slow-cooker is a must frankly for every household. And slow-cookers aren’t just for making meat-based dishes as it is excellent for plant-based meals like Aloo Gobi. Some very cool slow cookers are out there, but I went with a simple one like Hamilton Beach 4-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker. 
  8. Food Processor – I researched and settled on the Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor because it was so versatile. I make hummus, hazelnut spread, sauces, oat/nut flours, and doughs. 
  9. Grater – A lot of plant-based meals call for grated vegetables. I got a very sturdy one. 
  10. Baking Sheets – Roasted veggies are great and versatile for vegan meals. A good set of baking sheets is essential. 

These are some of my essential vegan kitchen tools. What are your must-haves in your vegan kitchen? I love my kitchen gadgets so I’m always looking for new tools to make cooking easier and better. 

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