I was sitting outside on the front porch this afternoon absorbing some late afternoon sun when the thought popped into my head that I had a carton of unopened whipping cream in the fridge and no real use for it. Don’t ask me how my mind works… It works in strange ways. 
It would be a shame to let whipping cream go to waste, right? So I thought why not have a cream tea, which is usually tea, scones, jam, and clotted cream. A step below so to speak of high tea, but just a tasty.
It was Sunday after all. A day of treats in my mind. And cooking/baking is my way to relax. 
I had everything I needed in my kitchen. I didn’t make scones, but biscuits from Bisquick baking mix. From start to finish it only took 20 minutes. They worked out well as a substitute for traditional scones. Not as sweet. 
We sat down for an afternoon tea as a family slicing our biscuits, smearing jam, and loading them up with cream while sipping tea with milk and sugar from proper China cups. 

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