The Birthday Cake. It is one of the most important baked good other than bread. The birthday cake is just special. I really think so. And a birthday cake is best when it is homemade from scratch.
Yes, I just wrote that… best when it is homemade from scratch. I believe that cooking and baking while necessary part of life, can be done with love and passion. That’s what makes it special. A birthday cake from scratch is an action of love and appreciation in an age of the grocery store brought cakes and processed everything. Sure, it may taste differently each time you make it or not look perfect (case in point above), but it will be meaningful. 
I asked my son, soon be to aged 6, what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. His request was I bake him a cake. A chocolate cake. A special Momma cake. As a softie of a Momma, how could I have said no to the request even though life is moving at light-speed for me? Baking a cake is not only good for him by making him happy, but for me. I find cooking and baking good thinking time. And it makes me happy. He didn’t help me in the process this time, but he did enjoy licking what was left in the icing bowl. 
One of my favorite cake recipes is a classic chocolate cake recipe off the Hershey Cocoa box. The cake is called “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake. It is easy to make make with ingredients in your cupboard. Within an hour from start to finish (plus some cooling time), you can make a wonderful chocolate cake. Rich and moist.

So next birthday, make a birthday cake from scratch. And will make it special for yourself or the birthday person. 

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