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If my apron could tell tales, it would fill your ears of tales of meals cooked for friends and family in a few kitchens over the years. It was a gift from my Dutch sister-in-law almost two decades ago. The many stains on it are there to stay at this point. I like to say it gives the well worn apron character instead of being a dirty old thing. It is most cherished by me. And everyone around me as when the well worn apron comes off the pantry door, it means that some good food is coming their way. The well worn apron has even made it into my backpack to travel to cook for others, so for an apron it is well traveled.

Join me as I cook, eat, travel, and share!

Cheers! And let’s eat!

Six Ingredient Sausage Gnocchi Soup

6 Ingredient Sausage Gnocchi Soup in 20 Minutes   Do not open a can of soup tonight when you can make this six ingredient Sausage Gnocchi soup! This recipe beats canned soup any day for taste and connivence. While you will still need a can opener, you will not...

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Puerto Rican Style Red Beans and Rice

Puerto Rican Style Red Beans and Rice Spoilt. That is what I am. I have been lucky to have a friend named Jossie who is a native of Puerto Rico. She can cook like nobodies business. Her rice and beans are the best hands down. Jossie shared her recipe for rice and...

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Steak with Mushroom Sauce

The Traditional Steak with Mushroom Sauce My guys love meat. And they love steak. Steak with mushroom sauce is a favorite of ours. It usually is served with a salad and baked potato going for the New York steakhouse feel. Just a lot cheaper. For what it would cost for...

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For the Love of Wasa Crisp Bread

I heart Wasa Crispbread. I do. Really. I always have crispbread on hand. My favorite brand in the US is Wasa Crispbread. It is my go-to breakfast. I often have it for lunch. And it is not just because the regular bread is stale. I actually like the taste of it. Bad...

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Slow Cooker Portuguese-style Seafood Soup

Slow Cooker Portuguese-style Seafood Soup Nothing is nicer than a hearty soup as the weather cools to fall then winter. Slow Cooker Portuguese-style Seafood Soup is a recipe that will warm your insides. The aroma coming from this recipe in the slow cooker says,...

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Thai Shrimp Red Curry

Simply Good Thai Shrimp Red Curry   This recipe of Thai Shrimp Red Curry will become one of your go-to meals. I know it has for me and my family looks forward for me to make it on a regular basis. Warm, filling, and flavorful. It is a comfort food. Most of the...

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Slow Cooker Vegetable Red Lentil Soup

Slow Cooker Vegetable Red Lentil Soup Slow cooker vegetable red lentil soup is what you make when your veggie bin in the fridge is fuller than it needs to be. That was the case with my bin this morning. I had some veg that needed to be used before it had to go to the...

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Slow Cooker Corn Chowder Warms The Soul

Slow Cooker Corn Chowder warms the soul as the weather turns cooler.   Soup is one of the dishes that make the world a better place. This slow cooker corn chowder is a good candidate for world harmony. It warms the soul as the weather starts to turn cooler. And...

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72 Hours Chico California

A quick visit to Chico, California Thanks to my profession, I have the opportunity to travel. The Butte College Small Business Development Center in Chico, CA, asked me to keynote their 18th Annual Women in Business event. I was so happy to not only speak on topics I...

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Cookless Tomato Sauce

Simple and Fresh Cookless Tomato Sauce   Yes, you read that correctly a cookless tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is often thought of as something that simmers on the stove for hours on a Sunday afternoon. Not so. This is a much lighter version of the traditional...

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Simple Vegan Eggplant Chickpea Curry

Vegan Eggplant Chickpea Curry Chickpeas are one of my favorite ingredients. And I adore eggplant. Put them together with a curry base and you have eggplant chickpea curry. Pretty good, right? The base of a curry varies. This curry is tomato-based with ground cumin,...

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Tokyo Express Sushi

Sushi Craving   It was a hot lazy Saturday afternoon. Perfect afternoon for sushi. We had been very busy all morning. Busier than usual on a Saturday. It was way after lunchtime and none of us were in the mood to make anything. I was in the mood for something...

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Reader Favorites

GoFish – British Comfort at the Beach

There is something about fried food at the beach that is so good. We enjoy our fish and chips in the Van den Hurk family. And being Irish, I'm genetically disposed to craving fish and chips. With lots of malt vinegar doused on it. To the disgust of my Dutch husband...

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Salt Lake City – A Foodie Town

Salt Lake City - A Foodie Town I traveled to Salt Lake City to speak at the National Federation of Presswomen annual conference. I didn't know much about Salt Lake City outside of the Winter Olympics and the Church of Latter-Day Saints. And to be honest, I didn't...

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Uniqueness of New Mexican Cuisine

 New Mexican Cuisine isn't Tex-Mex It isn't Mexican. And it isn't Tex-Mex. It is New Mexican. That's what New Mexican friends shared with me on my first trip the American Southwest. And they are passionate about their food as well as proud of their state's cuisine. My...

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Mama Mia! Italian American Sunday Gravy

Let's make some Sunday Gravy!   Mama Mia! Cue some Dean Martin music. Turn on Moonstruck! For years I've had this recipe for traditional Italian-American tomato gravy (or sauce). It has traveled with me through 3 moves in my well-worn recipe binder. I clipped it...

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A Dutch Tradition: Indo-Chinese food

When in the Netherlands, try the Rijst Tafel. Indo-Chinese food in the Netherlands is one of my favorite types of "Dutch" food. I look forward to visits to my family's favorite, neighborhood, Indo-Chinese restaurant, Tong Ah. It is a very local place where everyone...

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